Some Chinese lessons showing incorrectly in New View

In classic view, the following lesson is displayed correctly:

In the new view, I can only see two lines.

I hope you could have a look into this problem.



Hi Silvia,
Can you please try again? For me the lesson show up properly on both Classic and new reader.

Hello Zoran,

For the lessons I gave above, it works now for me as well. The problem is probably with the END OF LINE markers not correctly being treated in the New View. (I noticed that, and edited the lessons which did not show correctly, however, when I complained, that editing did not seem to work, only when I checked the lessons again they were laid out correctly). Here is another lesson which I did not edit to show you the problems;



There is definitely something strange going on. If I click directly on those lessons, they display correctly now. But however, I click on the next lesson button in the above lesson, and again! the new lesson display is wrong!
I hope you can reproduce this.

Hi Silvia,
Yes, I was at first able to reproduce it too, but it seems that all lessons works properly now in both classic and new reader. I tried to edit them and save them again, not sure if that helped or not, but whole text is now on new reader too. Can you please check if it works for you too and let me know if you see the same issue in some other lessons?

No, it is not ok, open the link I gave before:

Open the course info on the left side, and open lesson 9.2 or 9.3. They are not ok for me.

Strange, I can see whole text in both 9.2 and 9.3 on new and classic reader. Double checked and nothing is missing. Which browser are you using Silvia?

I am using Google Chrome. I can see the whole text today, strange, but the new lines are not respected. After a new line, the text continues in my New View.