(SOLUTION (Kind of)) [VIDEO] Import feature is USELESS!

I have been trying to import my own lessons for over one year and this error has yet to see a fix!

(SOLUTION (Kind of))
Remove the original link from subsequent lessons which you desire to put in to your course.

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The HD version is now available

That certainly shouldn’t be happening, but in the meantime: have you tried going to “edit course” and “add lesson” from there? It works perfectly for me.

I did, and, the same precise problem occurs, in any case, I appreciate your response.


Are you doing this for personal use only, or are you trying to create a course to share with the LingQ community at large?

I ask because I’ve been doing almost what you do but without any problem.
What is different?

  1. I don’t add any picture.
  2. I don’t bother with a description.
    Edited to add: 3) I don’t put anything in the original URL field. Not sure what that’s for anyway, unless you’re sharing it publicly. (I thought it was for audio?) Anyway that’s another thing I’m doing differently. So, maybe.

So What I do:
Copy/paste text into textbox.
Write a lesson title.
Click the button to select course. When I do this, all I see is a checkmark. I don’t see a list of other lessons in the course, below the name of the course. (So I’m baffled as to why this is happening to you.)
Make sure it’s the correct language.
Generate & save lesson.

Another question: have you looked at your list of courses? Maybe you have several extras unintentionally, all with similar names? (Just a wild guess.) Sounds like if you’ve been doing this for a year and it hasn’t been working, you’ve already thought of all the possible things to try…

I hope someone can resolve this!

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Make sure it’s the correct language.

Oh, that reminds me! A few years ago I faced a bug where if I had previously imported in a different language, the import would go there instead of where I wanted it. So, make sure to reselected the language and folder unless you’re sure you’ve successfully imported another lesson in this language just before.

(Yes, it’s a damn shame that we have to work around so many bugs…)

Great video. Definitely some issues there to resolve. I do have a work around.

The issue appears to be when you use the same url on the 2nd (or subsequent lessons). If you have the same url as you did on the first lesson it appears to assume it’s the same lesson. If you leave this url blank then it will create the 2nd lesson fine.

Since it appears that you are using the plain text link to the book in its entirety, what you can do is on the course itself, put the url there. Not on each individual lesson. That way you do have the original url if you need it.

Please try that and see if it works for you.

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Now that I think about it you can probably do the same thing through extension.

So basically, you select text, click the extension icon, select correct destination of “import to”, after importing you can edit it, add a picture and so on.
@ZayaFTW here is alternative method, maybe a bit faster. :face_with_peeking_eye:


This works.
I took away the descriptive part, took away the link, took away the photograph, and poof it works.

Such a relief, I was beginning to fret that I would not ever be able to import my own lessons, and, I now have the freedom in order to do so!


Your clarification is making me sigh a relief.


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Glad it is working. You should be able to add the description and image back (I think)…although I think by default it will just take the course image anyway, if there’s none on the lesson itself. I’m pretty sure it’s just the url on the individual lessons that’s causing the grief.


Hi @ZayaFTW !

  1. As for the addition of lessons to the course from the Course Page - you can switch to the Course Editor (click the three-dot menu → Edit Course) and add lessons there by clicking the “Add lesson” button.
  2. As for adding lessons with the same original URL to the course - it was possibly designed to avoid multiple imports of the same content since different lessons usually have different source addresses. I suppose this will be improved in the near future.
    As it was suggested already, you can bypass this by adding the URL after the first lesson saving.