Software often creates unwanted Lingqs which are hard to completely delete

I am a relatively new Lingq user. I am finding that the software has a few annoying characteristics. Here are a couple of problems that I have:

(1) The software often creates links that I don’t want and didn’t select, usually on the first word of a page of text. When I go to a new page, the first word is highlighted and will be spoken aloud. Fine, but even if I don’t have any intention of selecting that word because I do know it, and go to perhaps another word to create a link for it, the software creates an “automatic” link on the first word that was highlighted.

(2) The second problem is that removing unwanted links is not all that easy. If I go to the manage vocabulary function and click on the “remove” function and then go back to my lesson…the unwanted link is still highlighted as a link. If I get out of the website altogether and go back in, I find that the word is still highlighted as a link, but it doesn’t appear on the manage vocabulary list. So it’s sort of a ghost link that I can’t get rid of.

Perhaps the later is due to the way I get out of the vocabulary management function to go back to my text: I use the “back” button a few times because I can’t see any other way of getting out, and then I have the opportunity to select a button saying that I want to go back to studying my text. Maybe there’s another way of going back to the text, but I can’t see it.

Thanks in advance for any help so this software can work more smoothly become a bit less irritating.

It sounds like Auto LingQ Creation might be your problem.

To turn it off, go to Lessons → Home. Then click the settings icon to the right of the tabs (Lesson Feed, My Courses etc). Then click ‘Reader Settings’ on the right of the pop-up screen. Then uncheck ‘Auto LingQ creation’.

Hope this helps.

@junoba Other than @jungleboy’s suggestion, you can also access settings on the top right after you open a lesson. There you can enable/disable options as:

  • Paging moves to known
  • Auto play text to speech
  • Auto LingQs creation
  • Review LingQs when paging

As for removing those words improperly marked ‘known’, re-read your material, or just continue reading new material. Whenever you find an unmarked word that you don’t know, create a linq for it then. This really doesn’t change the process flow other than that a few unknown words will not appear in blue. It’s mildly annoying perhaps, but I assume you’re reading each word anyway and will recognize that one is unknown to you without Lingq highlighting it.

Also be aware that the settings referenced above are retained in your browser and are independent of your settings in the mobile app if you’re using that. You’ll need to set your preferences in each browser you use, and if you toss your browser cookies you’ll need to set your preferences again. (I prefer a non-default font face, too, so as a side effect I usually notice from the text appearance when I lost my settings.)

Let me repeat to the Lingq team, as I do each time that this comes up, that I find it quite irksome that these settings are not retained in the Lingq system itself. There are plenty of other user parameters that the system pulls from the database whenever a user logs in. There is no reason why these settings could not be retained there rather than in the rather ephemeral browser cookie cache. Grrr.

OK, thanks everyone. I removed the auto create and that seems to have done the trick for the unwanted links.