So far satisfied... but French current event lessons are lacking

So, I’ve been enjoying my time on LingQ. It has helped me get comfortable with French and helped finish the foundation I needed to build to get down to some serious learning.

However, one thing that I feel is missing is the lack of current news articles in French. I love “Le Podcast High Tech”, but I really want some more current events in business, politics, science and maybe even art.

Are there any plans to expand the library? I plan on finding lessons and uploading them soon.

Thank you in advance, Steve and the LingQ staff. :slight_smile: You have made an excellent tool.

-Johnathon AKA Xakota


However, one thing that I feel is missing is current news articles in French.

Also, are there any plans to add an edit feature?

I think there is a daily news podcast + transcript at France Inter. If you don’t need transcript, there are lots of French news podcasts. Also check our spreadsheet of internet resources. I don’t have time to link to it here. I think there is a link in the help

BTW what do you mean by “get down to serious learning”

We rely on the content that our members can find. In my German, Russian and other studies I also use a lot of imported content. These often cannot be shared for copyright reasons but make for good learning.

Have a look at the links I share in these documents:

I hope you’ll find something useful there.

Already checked the links you supplied, leie. I still use them. Great links. :slight_smile:

Dooo, hat I mean by “serious learning” is that I now have a good enough foundation to begin learning grammar. I’ve been building a hard-copy library of French grammar and dictionaries. I can finally understand enough to understand a few words when used within context. At first, learning is slow because you must use translations and dictionary definitions as crutches. I don’t have to do that as often. Don’t get me wrong. I’m far from mastering French. :stuck_out_tongue:

I may not have said “serious learning” in the most clear and concise way, but I hope this explains what I meant. I have begun to read books and when I find a word I think is useful, I write it on my notepad and make a LingQ of it after I’ve finished. Helps me fill my daily quotas. :slight_smile:

Also, dooo, I found it. Excellent. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

As for my current “write, define, LingQ, rinse, repeat” process I have going, I will continue to do so. Seems very effective.

Thank you all for the help. I’ll be looking into expanding the library very soon. You were all very helpful. :slight_smile:

I see thanks. Good luck with the grammar. But I wouldn’t take it too seriously :wink:

Sorry,I wanted to share all the articles of Radio Japon and Radio France International I had already imported personally into Ling Q but these Radio stations did not to allow me share them…

Sorry for mistakes.

but these Radio stations did not to allow me share them… -->> but these Radio stations did not allow me to share them…

Not to worry, dillemme. At least you tried. :slight_smile:

Hi Xakota,

Have you listened and read the FREQUENCE TERRE collection? I often add new articles!

No, ma’am. I will look into it. :slight_smile:

Damn. That is quite some heavy reading… I will surely work on my vocabulary before I attempt. Still, I love this collection. Merci beaucoup Cecile.