Small suggestion regarding user-suggestions


I am learning japanese right now with LingQ and i really like the Page, thanks for building up something like that. It really helps improving in language learning!!! :slight_smile:

while i am practicing, i often meet new Kanjis which i cannot read on my own. So i write the hiragana reading in the notice line for my better understanding of the more difficult Kanji.
What i came to notice now, is that i wrote i. e. きろ (“yellow”, but wrong spelled) for this Kanji 黄色 and it was saved.
Now i thought, if I just changed it to the correct meaning きいろ, it would get overwritten.

But i came to see that in the user-suggestions flag there are きろ and きいろ now.

Could you maybe fix that, because people might cause wrong hints for others that way.
If you really want to make more different hints, you can still click the “plus” on the right side of the textline.

I just wanted to help preventing the cause of wrong hints.
Also it would be no problem when everyone were able to (only) change his own hints (or delete them again, maybe).

@Junomaru - I check 黄色 and I can see きろ available as a User Hint. We will go in and remove it shortly. Thanks for your concern about other members seeing an incorrect hint!

Thank you, Mark.

But the main reason for my message was meant for suggesting more ability for the users to change their own written hints, so that cases like these can be corrected, without consulting an admin.
I guess these problems happen more often and you would not have to deal with these anymore that way. :slight_smile:

Otherwise it will need a big deal of exactness, so that no further “wrong hints” happen.
Maybe the problem would be solved with just the possibility to change the hint as long as it is still written in that textline, even when already saved. Just to overwrite it as long until it is correct.^^

@Junomaru - You are right, of course, and we do have a specification for doing just what you describe. It is just a matter of when we can get to it as our technical team have quite a long list of things they are working on first. However, it is an issue and one we hope to resolve in the not too distant future.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: