Small request for profile page progress snapshot

I’m wondering if it would be possible if the dropdown menu could save the last option ( today, yesterday, last 7 days ect…) selected when you click between the language tabs.
Right now it defaults at the last 7 days…

For example If I’m looking at my stats for korean and i wanted to see the stats for the last year I select this in the drop down menu but then if click the french tab it resets back to “last 7days”. Would be nice if the drop down menu does not reset back to 7days but stays on whatever option you last selected.

Just an interface sugguestion. As always I’m aware you guys have alot to work on and also know that not all suggestions get added or looked at…

All suggestions are most certainly looked at :slight_smile:

This is something to consider along with the other suggestions to save the sorting on the Vocab page, etc. We’ll keep this in mind as we make further improvements.

Yup, it’s something small which has annoyed me. The stats are comforting. :slight_smile:

Good suggestion.