Small iPhone bug

Very minor bug I noticed this morning

The iPhone app sets the listening count instead of doing an increment. This can lead to an incorrect “Times Listened” count.

Steps to reproduce.

Open Lesson on iPhone (0 times listened)
Listen once on iPhone (1 time listened)
Open Lesson on computer (still 1 time listened) - leave iphone app running (this is the default)
Read 3 times (now 4 times listened)
Open back up the iphone app. It should still be on the same lesson if you followed my steps correctly. The count will still say 1. Listen again. Counter goes to 2.
Refresh lesson on computer. Count now says 2

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@spatterson - Ah, good catch. I’ll add this to our list.

I regularly have issues with the Times Listened count on the iPhone app. It seems to be related to listening while offline OR using 3G, though not with wifi.

For example, today I opened an episode (while using wifi) that I had listened to five times. I began the sixth listen and left the house. When I finished the episode (this time connected with 3G) and clicked the arrow at the bottom to see the count, it said it had been listened to 6 times. However, when I went back to the episode list and refreshed it, it had gone back to one listen (while retaining the four times read).

Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens to me all the time. On other occasions, I look on the episode list and see something I know I’ve listened to three or four times say that I’ve only listened once or twice. It can be a little frustrating given that I do a lot of my LingQ listening on the iPhone app while not connected to wifi. It makes my weekly listening stats look very bad :frowning:

@jungleboy - Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this. We are currently working on a major update to the app that will add significant functionality and should also hopefully see any remaining issues with the listening stats resolved!

Great, looking forward to it, cheers!