Small error in Dutch mini story #31

I think there’s a small error in the last sentence of “part B” of Dutch mini story #31. Unless I’m not reading it right, the last word below should be ‘toetje’ and not ‘kip’. In it’s current form now it’s saying she’s allergic to chicken so she ate chicken.

Ze heeft kip, groente en een toetje gemaakt.
Maar Roos is allergisch voor kip.
Dus at Roos alleen groente en kip.

Thanks, we will look into it.

she’s allergic to chicken so she ate only vegetables and chicken indeed doesn’t make sense. It should be replaced by “een toetje” (not “toetje”)

“een toetje” would be still a weird phrase. I think “dat toetje”.

Else it would sound like a generic “toetje-allergie” which I don’t think exists.

maybe “de groente en het toetje”

yeah that sounds even better.