Slow Uploading of Imports with Audio

Uploading imports with audio (e.g. Spanish Podcasts) that I have ran through Audacity takes forever (I mean half hour, hour, or more) to upload. Without out audio is fast, and every other step of the process is fast. I’ve tried 44100 and 22050 with no luck. Are there things that can be done to make the process faster, or perhaps are there common mistakes (that I may be making) that bogs down the upload. I’m using a recent MacAir. The connection is probably not the best but not the worst either. Thanks. Christian.

I am uploading a short audio for a Romanian lesson, and it’s taking long too. Hopefully not that long!

Unfortunately, I have tried twice, always unsuccessfully, so I’m giving up.

We are experiencing slowness issues right now and our technical people are working with our service provider to find the cause. Please bear with us. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Uploading is working normally for me now. I hope it’s definitely fixed. When will the sharing of private courses be fixed, by the way? Or has it already be fixed?

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@mikebond - The slowness issues seem to have been resolved now, so please let us know if you are still having trouble uploading audio files.

We have the other issue on our list and hope to have it taken care of soon!