Slow to load word definitions

So I have uploaded a number of intermediate readers in Arabic. They’re not long enough to be broken into separate lessons when I import them, but are still quite long (roughtly 30 minutes of audio converted into text per story). Anyway, I find that LingQ is really laggy in dealing with the content. If for example I click on a word to LingQ it or check a definition it takes a few seconds for it to granb that word and then half the time - instead of the dictionary appearing with definitions - I just get a long list of LingQs where the dictionary definitions should be. I then have to click again in order for the dictionary to appear. This makes it so unworkable and slow that I have to process the stories in sentence view where the definition appears instalty and there is no lagginess. This is not ideal as I then have to do too much clicking which I don’t like when reading.

Is this a common problem? Are there settings I can change to help with this? Or is this a known issue?

We do have that issue with longer lessons in some cases, yes. We are looking into improving the performance on our end as much as we can.