Slovene synthetic voice doesn't work

Good morning, I remarked this a couple of months ago, but I have to repeat it: the automatic voice in Slovenian doesn’t work AT ALL. In most words, it just reads one or two phonemes, and that’s it. Sometimes it doesn’t see diacritics, but most of the times it just ignores part of the word, or even reads only the first letter (I just clicked at random on “moram” and she only read “m”!). Can someone fix this please?

I use the male voice which is much better but still not totally accurate. The main mistake is when there are two possibilities in terms of stressed syllables it will often choose the wrong one. For example, it reads hládno when it should be hladnó. I have noticed that if you put in your own diacritics to help you it can’t read them. So it will read téga as tga.

Thanks, I didn’t realize there was a male voice as well. He works better than she does. Still worth fixing the bug, though.

Thanks, we will check the female voice.