Slight grammatical correction for the LingQ website

I read this somewhere on the site (automated message)

Steve сейчас знает свыше 56000 Russian слова

What sort of bothers me grammatically is the
“56000 Russian слова” part, I think it would be more appropriate to say

“56000 Russian слов”

Or indeed write the names of the languages in the UI of the user so it would be

“56000 Русских слов”

I know I’m totally nitpicking here and if this wasn’t a language-learning website I wouldn’t have brought this up at all…

We will try and figure out how to translate the study language. It is a tricky issue for us. If there is an issue with the translation, we would be happy to have you help out with the translation. Please just email support and I’ll send you the details on how to help us translate the site.

sure Mark what’s your email?

anyhow noticed another one- when I am notified that someone signed up for a discussion the email topic is

“Записаться на дискуссию в LingQ”

this translates as “sign up for a discussion at LingQ”"

something more correct would be

this translates as “ записался(ась) на дискуссию в LingQ”"

the записался(ась) is like that cause cause that verb differs based on gender so females might be offended if it’s just записался

Hi Yuriy,

I’ve sent you an email with instructions on how to translate the site. Thanks for your help! Lots of room for other helpers in other languages! :slight_smile:

The problem with Russian (and possibly other Slavic languages) is that nouns changes according to number (слово, слов, слова…), so I wonder if that can be taken into account since the number of words change all the time.

As LingQ show this message when the member learned N thousands words, it makes things easier :)) I have already fixed it to “Знает уже более 27000 слов!” The only problem is the language now…
For most of the other words like “minutes”, “hours” there is a possibility to create a rule, as I understand.
Now I fixed Russian variant too
Краткое изложение урока [JimW] 42 минуты
日本の歌手 1 час
Дремучая Россия [steve] 51 минута
Дремучая Россия [steve] 1 день
Дремучая Россия [steve] 15 часов
Объяснения и комментарии к уроку “Древо поэзии, Выпуск №79. В ожидании снега…” [alleray] 7 часов
Проблема конфиденциальности [crowderd] 4 дня

But there is a mistake “51 минута” should be “51 минуту”. If other Russian translators read this my message, please change “минута” to “минуту”. (or I will do it this evening).

Anyway, there is still is the problem with forum, as strings like “threads” and “posts” do not have rules yet. So it is shown “5 темы, 167 сообщения”, but it should be “5 тем, 167 сообщений”.
Mark, if it is possible to create rules for these strings, it will be great :)))

But there is a mistake “51 минута” should be “51 минуту”. If other Russian translators read this my message, please change “минута” to “минуту”. (or I will do it this evening).
Hmm… It does not matter. “51 минута” is also acceptable. And it seems is even more appropriate than “51 минуту” (at least on the writing page, at tutors’ page of submitted writings it can be written both variants – it depends on how we will translate the title of this column)

i am reading “translations” that were translated by other Russian users… I just don’t have enough words…

Once you are logged in, go the Account page and click the
“Cancel your account” link. Your account will be cancelled
immediately and all your data will be deleted from our
system. You will not be charged again.

was translated
Когда вы зайдете на сайт, переходите к страничке Аккаунт, кликните
на линк “Отменить мой аккаунт”. Ваш аккаунт будет аннулирован
незамедлительно и все ваши данные будут удалены из нашей
системы. Вы не будете включены вновь.

The last sentence in Russian variant means “you will not be turned on again”… And all this message is sounding very unnatural…

even Google translates it as
Как только вы вошли в систему, перейдите странице аккаунта и нажмите
“Отмена вашей учетной записи ссылку”. Ваша учетная запись будет отменена
немедленно, и все ваши данные будут удалены из нашей
системы. Вам не будут платить снова. (you will not be payed again)

Dear Russian “translators”,