Skype conversation

Hi guys,

I’m Daniel from Poland so my native language is Polish I think I can speak English at decent level as I can easily speak in this language and communicate with people for example while playing computer games( my English is better written than spoken so I need to improve my spoken English). I’m learning German at the moment I’m not ready to speak or write short sentences but that what i’ve noticed I can understand most of simple conversation in German but unfortunately I can’t speak it or write so I think I need more time to get to know more content and then will be able to practise this language so at the moment I’m not looking for a person that I could talk to in German, but if anyone is interested in making friends and talk about some interesting topics in English - that would be great. It’s my skype dzidek1993

I like talking about journeys (mainly autostop - hitch-hiking), other cultures or countries and daily activities there (working, school, public transport), boxing and I just like talking about anything that comes to my mind