Skype and learning english


Ten dollars is not nothing, anywhere. We all have to make choices on how to spend our money.

Even in the poorest areas of Europe I find the Wall Street Institute and other expensive English schools, and I would be surprised if many people in Vietnam do not also spend lots of money on their English learning.

Meanwhile there are lots of free resources at LingQ, and elsewhere on the web. People often mention these other sites, like Livemocha, Lang8 and others on this Forum. Many of our learners use a variety of resources on the Web and that is all in everyone’s interest.

I, like everyone else, will continue to exercise my freedom to express my views on language learning. In all of my experience I have found that spending too much time on asking if this is correct, or what we say this rather than that, is counterproductive to language learning in many people.

As SanneT says, anajame, just listen, read and LingQ and if you do not want to pay $10 a month, just delete your words regularly to stay under 100 words in your database. But you have not even started to do anything on our system.

thanks for all
i want to learn real english that why i am here with you. i exploit this site in my own way until one day i can get points in vietnamese.