Skpye for Linus on dual core

I have bought a laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525 1525, PENTIUM DUAL CORE T2390(1.86GHZ) ) . I installed Ubuntu 8.04 on it which I am using for all my internet based work, such as LingQ. I tried to download Skype 2.0 for Linux but it says I need i386 architecture. I tried all the repositories and googled here and there and can’t find a suitable download for a dual core cpu. Any ideas?

The title should say Linux

…and Skype (too early in the morning)

I myself use skype on the x86 architecture, but I see this is quite common question of skype users.

Just check on googles, there is a guide how to use 32bit static libraries for skype, Skype on 64 bit Ubuntu | Oligofren but I’ve also found there is a deb package of skype version prepared for 64 bit architecture.

I hope you will solve it quite easily :slight_smile:

Thanks. It is working great!

Have you succeded in stalling your wireless card with this ubuntu version?
I feel pretty unsecure on Windows, and hate to need a complete reinstalation every 3 months… But I had to give up on linux when I bought my first notebook, since I couldn’t fine a distro in which I could make my wireless card to work…

ops… I couldn’t find!

No the wireless is fine with Hardy Heron (8.04). I have INTEL 4965AGN WIRELESS-N MINI CARD.

The only real worry I had was avoiding Nvidia. I heard that there were problems. However I run Ubuntu 7.10 on another machine with invidia no problem.

If you are worried stay with intel or just down load a distro which you can live boot on your machine. Then test everything and you will know for sure.

I really support Ubuntu for the same reason as you, it is much more secure and reliable (and less annoying to use) than windows, although I keep vista on a seperate partition just in case

Hi, Edward,
Yes, when I used linux I always kept a windows partition. At least at that time some internet multimedia didn’t work very well on linux, but I don’t know how things are going on right now.
I’m usually very careful, so I can keep my windows reasonably safe, but the most annoying thing about windows is that after 3 or 4 months of usage things become very slow and I need to reformat the hard disk an start it all again… It never happened with linux. I kept the same instalation in an old machine for more than two years without any perceptible loss in performance. Every time I changed a linux instalation it was because I wanted to experience another distro or something like that, not because it was not working anymore.
Anyway, I don’t intend to buy another notebook soon, but I’ll keep your tips in mind. Thanks for them.