Sorry to make two posts in one day…

I just finished with my very late “no-show” (style24h). He attempted to make a sort of ‘business deal’ with me, whereby he would have 1-on-1s with me everyday in exchange for a portion of the money I’d receive from the conversations. I told him I couldn’t do that. I pardoned me but made me promise not to tell “Steven”.

It appears that this LingQ member is a hacker (at least, he told me twice that he was) and that he makes his living through easy hackings, or something of that sort. I am not sure yet what to do in this situation, but I certainly recommend being careful to anyone else connected with him.

And I see he’s from Vietnam… :frowning:

This guy was already busted for using bogus credit cards, if memory serves. Hopefully Mark will confirm this.

Sorry, my memory was wrong on style24h. I apologise.

It’s not very encouraging to hear that we have a hacker in the community. Nor that he is trying to arrange “strange” deals with tutors. We have had no notice of credit card issues with this user, however, we will be investigating this further.

This user signed up for a conversation with me as well yesterday but didn’t show at all.

My luck to get a bit of a rough character for my first conversation partner ^-^ I hope most of what he’s saying about being a hacker is just jazz with little behind it. But if he’s been around for a while with no evidence or real bad report, I guess there’s not much to worry about.