Site says I need to upgrade, but I don't have over 20 lingq's

Hello, lingq won’t allow me read passages and mark known words any longer saying that I need to upgrade, but I haven’t used all my lingq’s. This is the second time this happened. The first time I deleted my account, but this time I made substantial progress so it is kind of annoying. I would expect that I could perform all the services that were allowed of me with a free account. Any help would be appreciated.

@aaatranslations14 - The limit is actually a hard limit, so you won’t be able to reset this limit by deleting LingQs. If you would like you continue to save LingQs you can either invite friends to increase your limit or upgrade your account. With your Free account you will still be able to open and download lessons from the Library and can still interact on the Exchange and on the Forum. Let us know if you have any further questions.

Even with the hard limit I only have three LingQ’s.

@aaatranslations14 - I checked your account and it shows that the limit was reached, so I’m not sure whether you added LingQs then deleted them but it’s based on the total that you have created, not the total that are currently in your account.