Single word meanings not available on app

On the web, when I click on a single word, a pop-up appears showing the meaning of that word and offering a variety of translations. On the app, clicking a single word only shows me the pop-up to upgrade. I know that full sentence translation is a premium feature, but shouldn’t I still be able to get a translation of individual words?

No, you can’t save individual words either without the Premium. That’s how it always worked. Once you reach your LingQs limit you can’t save more words without upgrading your account.

I don’t want to “save” the word, I just want to see what it means! Also, my “daily limit” seems to be zero, because this happens every time I click on a word.

LingQs limit isn’t a daily limit, it is a hard limit and once you reach it, you can’t see translations for selected words anymore. You can still read and listen all available lessons, but for translations and other Premium features you need to upgrade.

Thanks for your reply. I have tried deleting all of my lingqs from all languages using the “manage lingqs” option from the desktop site, but I still can neither save a new lingq nor see a translation in the app. I have tried deleting both the cache and the storage from the app, but still I get the upgrade pop-up every time.

Deleting previously created LingQs won’t allow you to create new LingQs instead. If you need more, you can invite friends to join LingQ. For each friend who joins you both get 100 LingQs. Visit the invite page for more details - Login - LingQ.

Thanks for your suggestion. Now that I have made some referrals, I can see the meanings on the app. If I don’t save them, then I don’t use the lingqs and I’m happy. My suggestion: Just disable saving for free users once they use up their lingqs, but allow them to continue to be able see the meanings!