Single word count in Japanese doesn't work

Hi, all!

Is it possible to have a “single word / symbol count” in Japanese lessons?
Right now, the LingQ software only seems to be able to count an entire lesson as a single word.
IMO, the problem is that the program (i.e. the string tokenizer) doesn’t recognize blanks between kana/kanji expressions.
BTW, I’ve enabled the “Show spaces between words” option in the Reader Configuration, that is, in the “Asian Script Settings” section. But, that doesn’t solve the problem.

Any ideas?

Are you saying that LingQ consider each lesson to be 1 word? That shouldn’t be the case. Can you post a link to a lesson in which you noticed that issue?

Hi, Zoran!

The “1 lesson = 1 word” phenomenon occurred in many of the Japanese Newbie lessons:

My guess is that it’s a formatting issue of the files, so that the LingQ software can’t recognize where a string (usually a word) starts and where it ends.
But I can live with it because I think this is just an outlier.
All other lessons in Japanese or in the Indo-European languages I study are just fine.

Have a nice day

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