Singing To Learn a Language

Evan der Millner reports in his Youtube channel that a study in Edinburgh suggests that singing a language can help in learning the language. Something of a twist on listening to songs in order to learn. Millner does not give many details of the study, but what he says is here: Have you heard of the method of singing in order to learn texts language learning and memory? - YouTube

Here is a bit more from Edinburgh: Songs and singing in foreign language learning

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I also read many reports that are saying singing improves your accent. Unfortunately I did not safe those articles, but I shared some of them through social media. Seems to be true then. By the way: Maybe it’s just me but I can remember lyrics quite well. Must be the combination of text and melody, like an earworm!

I think songs and singing are a great way to learn a language! In Germany I kept hearing a song on the radio and I had no idea what it was until I recorded it with my iPhone and got a friend to tell me what it was. Once I knew I downloaded it from iTunes and I have the lyrics and I sing along with it. At the very least, it’s a great way to improve your vocab! :slight_smile:

p.s. If anyone’s interested, the song is called Geboren um zu Leben by Unheilig (Born to Live by Unholy)…great song!!

I always get distracted by the music and have difficulties to pick up the words. Often the music is too loud compared to the voice of the singer. That makes it difficult for me. And I feel that the melody of the sentence usually differs while you are singing from the melody when you are speaking. I admit that I prefer spoken texts.

I would find it quite ironic if singing was for once able to increase the quality of the sound that comes out of my face.



This comment made my day^^