Simply sentences - in more languages - an idea for bilingual learning

I don’t know if you have seen this collection I created

My idea was to have those simple sentences in all offered languages here in LingQ.
My English sentences are corrected by a tutor and I think English should be kept as second sentence in all languages.
The first sentence should be changed in the language that is to learn´and in this part should the collection be.

Fist sentence - German
Secon sentence - English
– for the German language

First sentence - French
Second sentence - English
— for the French part

and so on.
When we had all over the same picture (similar a red cross for helping :slight_smile: it could be find similar!

In the meantime I heard from German people they like to go in the German part, where the sentences are, and learn with when her Learning Language is English.
I think the same could be in other areas.

What do you think about this idea!
For all they want to do it - the articles are allowed to use (in LingQ!!!)

Hi Irene, I don’t think it is allowed in LingQ yet. Some of my content items have been removed because they were in English + another language. You are the exception. I have been told that it is because the LingQ system cannot distinguish between languages yet, and so it gives a wrong account of words learned when you use bilingual content. It will be possible for others than you to create bilingual texts with both languages in the same item when LingQ is able to see which is which and the known words don’t get messed up by it. I’m sorry, I’d love to contribute, but the only way I can think of is to translate the items with only one language in them and have people go back to your item for the combination of English and German. So all I can do is translate your items into Dutch and have them be Dutch only in the Dutch library, with a reference to your items. Would that be of any help to you?

Yes Nicole, you are right, we shouldn’t do this with long texts.

Here we have short sentences and not too many words, so Steve decided it is not too much for complitely falsification.
Perhaps Mark or Steve are reading this thread and may decide if it would be possible.

I think it makes sense for the beginner. I had the same experience, if I have started with French. Later it was not necessary longer. What think other students beginning a new language?