Simplify lesson not available for my imports

I notice that Simplify Lesson menu item is available for things in the library but not for private content I import myself. I have checked on the iOS app and the web app and the menu item is simply missing. Is that expected?


How long are your imported lessons? Please note that simplifying lesson feature doesn’t work in ebooks.

@zoran They are probably around 4000-5000 words. But they are fiction! Is that what you mean by ebooks? That fiction text can’t be simplified?

No, what I meant to say was - ebooks/advanced lessons can’t be simplified. The simplified lesson feature works on shorter beginner lessons and that feature is meant for beginners. It doesn’t make sense to simplify the book,

Simplify worked great for a chapter of Don Quijote in Spanish! It’s like reading a kids’ version of the story. It also worked for a chapter of Wizard of Oz in French and Russian. What I wanted most, after Don Quijote, was a simplified version of The Hobbit in Russian, but I’m not seeing any AI simplify link to try on the Hobbit. Also tried importing a Russian short story by Gogol, Twenty-six Men and a Girl. For this I’m getting a “Show translation” link which works, but no AI simplify link.

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@zoran That’s interesting, why in your opinion doesn’t it make sense to simplify something more advanced? It would mean one could tackle more interesting material, whether a fiction story or detailed news, that is otherwise tediously complex to read, based on any level one is at.

I wonder what code logic triggers the menu item to appear or not? Is it length +level?

Answering my own question, with some experimentation it looks like AI simplify is limited based on text length only! If text is too long, the menu selection is suppressed.

I believe a shorter input can be AI simplified regardless of level or type of text. I just simplified a self-imported piece of a novel chapter that started at about an advanced 1 level and it did a great job making it more accessible without changing too much. Great!

@Giraffe28 I bet you could get the hobbit to simplify if you shorten the input (split the chapter into smaller pieces). I didn’t experiment enough yet to determine the length cutoff.

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@kindl Your assumption that simplified option is being hidden depending on length + level is correct. The length limit in iOS app is 3k words, option is hidden for all lessons that are Beginner 1 or 2, we don’t have any additional restrictions for private content.


I also can’t see the button simplify on my iPhone app anymore. Could it be fixed?

Are you sure that the lesson has less than 3k words?