Simple selected feature wanted

If I could make one change to the site in any area it would be to add a simple select feature. That would make me use of the site 100x easier.

Countless times a day I have to try and hold down the shift key and select text in a popup while using a laptop - it is not super easy to do and ends up straining my hand every single time I use the site for an extended period.

Just a simple hot key C. Just like K for known and X for ignore. C for copy.

So, whether it be a blue word, a yellow word, or a combination of words, I can simply hit the C key and it will copy to the clipboard so I can look up in a dictionary, send in an email, save in a list for later viewing, etc.

Thank you.


Thanks for the suggestion. While we don’t have any immediate plans to add a feature like this, we will keep this one in mind!

I just programmed all necessary hotkeys myself. I have been using lingq for over 4 years and there are some very basic features I am surprised aren’t included.

I mapped:
Y - Click start/stop audio
U - Rewind 5 seconds
H- Scroll down 1
G - Scroll up 1
P - Copy selected text

Y/U I thought these might already be hotkeyed but couldnt find any info. These keys are massively helpful for listening as I don’t ever have to move the mouse. Having your fingers on both at same time is perfect. Listen to phrase - pause or rewind or pause and then rewind without ever moving your hand or looking at the screen.

H//G keys all the commands close and the up/down functionality key inexplicably hijacked by the blue words.

P solves the original copy issue.

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Please share how you did this! These would be very handy. Page scrolling and rewind while listening would be handy. Very good ideas!

I have the info on my home computer. I’ll post it tonight. You can program your keys to do about anything you want. For example, you could program a key to switch between viewing modes, auto scroll with the audio so you can read and listen without touching the keyboard at all, switch between half-speed/full speed etc.

You can even program a series of commands. eg, set key L to - play for 10 secs full speed, rewind 10 secs and play at 1/2 speed, then rewind to the original start and stop. All with the press of L.

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The software is free from The scripts below work awesomely but I only spent a few hours creating them and there are probably way better ways of doing things.

These are all individual Scripts (ie, individual files I created). I run then all manually. There is probably a way to fire at same time. I have them all set to individual keystrokes but you can set them to cntl-click, shift-click, etc For example U:: couple be changed to a cntrl-u with ^U::

The coordinates map to a location on the screen to hit the specific buttons. I had to trial and error it to get the locations on my screen. However, this prevents the need for moving the mouse.

Two notes:

  1. Since I have them mapped to straight keys I can’t type when using them. Mapping to numbers or using control keys would prevent this. I am also sure there is a way to suspend while you type - eg, make cntrl-e toogle them off and on
  2. I have windows 8 and have to run as admin to get them to work.

Enjoy at your own risk )))

Note, the descriptions are not in the scripts. I just added here for understanding.

Rewind 5 secs
send {click 350,183}

Start stop
send {click 275,183}

Scroll down
send {down 1}

Scroll up
send {up 1}

Click at current mouse position
send {click}

Mimic cntrl-C - so I don’t have to hold the cntrl key when copying which kills my hand
send ^c

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Thanks for the workaround! I hope these get implemented as standard.