Sign Up Bonus

Well, I didn’t know where else to post this, but this seemed like the right place. I just upgraded to a basic account and look forward to using the website more and taking advantage of the many cool features along with supporting this project. However, I forgot to put in that coupon code for today. It was, of course, totally my fault, and, regardless of my terribly slow internet, which causes me to go do other things while pages are loading and forget, I take full blame. I was just wondering if there’s still a chance to get those 500 points as a sign-up bonus considering I did just upgrade. If not, I can see why you’d say that. Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Tammam,

Please see this FAQ from the Account Help page ( :

I already upgraded. Can I still get my 500 point upgrade bonus?

Yes, just upgrade your account to a higher level and enter the upgrade code. Then, downgrade to your desired level again. You can upgrade and downgrade all you like between billing dates. The system only charges you based on your level on your billing date. Make sure not to downgrade to Free, however, or you will have to pay to upgrade again.