Side-by-side translation?

I got an item from the LingQ library (Portuguese) and did a side-by-side translation into (my native) Russian.

example is there →

I think I can not share things this way (I suppose LingQ support only plain text), but please say - do you think it may be useful for learning languages?
(I mean adding bi-lingual content to library items)

Hi Vladimir,
Steve had a plog about this topic and this system called ALE.
I think the meaning about is different. For me it is sometimes a little easier when I have both.
You could record the translated text with Audacity and then bring in LingQ as import. I did this for a few items.
The bi lingual is not directly in the library but an interested member can open LingQ two time and has both then.

We do plan on adding the ability to show bilingual texts in the future sometime. Hang on to this!


Computer translation can be helpful, especially when you are stuck. For beginners we have our multilingual content to help them get started. After that I prefer to let the language gradually get clearer for me, and to stay in the target language.

By the way, let’s have a skypechat about tutoring in Russian. lingosteve is my skypename.