Showing Messages on the Profile Page?

I always thought that the conversations/messages between LingQ members will show up both in my profile page and the learn page inside the “box” of Timeline. However, I just noticed today that the message sent from my tutor only showed up in the learn page but not in my profile page. I also played with the filter functions on the left, which is turning on/off the option of Messages, and nothing happened. Is this a bug, or just a default setting? I would suggest giving the option for users to decide if the messages show up or not in the profile page, because I most of the time use the profile page as my default LingQ page.

Another interesting thing is that I found some members sent me roses and the number of my roses is always TWO although the number of recently-given roses is more than two. I strongly doubt what’s going on with the addition arithmetic on the server although I don’t really understand what’s the usage of roses. :wink:

@kigoik - If a post is made on your wall, it appears on your profile. If you post on someone else’s wall, it appears on their profile. However, any comments on either of these wall posts will send you a notification email and appear on your Timeline. Regarding roses, there is a problem preventing roses given to forum posts from being added to your rose total. This will be fixed in our next update.