"show LingQ" on the right side from Flashcards

from Flashcards I can go with “show LingQ” to Vocabulary but I can never go back to the same place where I was before.
Would that be manageable?
In that manner how it is working now I should not have “Show LingQ” because than I could go to Vocabulary with a click on the file card.

sorry - my fault - this question comes from Irene

Hi Irene,

We will do something about this in the near future. For now, there isn’t anything you can do other than to edit your LingQs by having Vocabulary open in another tab.

Thanks Mark,
I see you have as more ideas in headquarters as we assume.

Another issue with the show LingQ button is that it seems to zero out my session flashcard info. For instance if I have a 50 cards session, and I’m already near its end and earned many half points for my correct answers, it seems that I lose all these points when I press the show LingQ button.

I think this is a bug, the button should really be saving that info when pressed.