Shouldn't there be a function to import just PART of a Youtube video?

So I basically import Russian news from Western sources on a daily basis to study Russian. Sometimes, a Youtube clip will be like 20 or 30 minutes long, but I am only interested in the first 5 minutes.

Shouldn’t there be a function on LingQ where you can ask it to import only the first few minutes? Or, even say the ability to ask LinQ for example just to import from minute 2:00 to minute 7:00 of a video?

The reason I find it odd LinQ hasn’t developed it is that it would seriously reduce the footprint of excess video footage on its servers, which many reduce storage costs and lag time, as well as make it a better user experience since you aren’t asking your PC’s RAM to load 30 min of video for just a few minutes of content.

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I can suggest two options.

  1. Once you have the script just mark the part you want to stop you study session at. Kinda obvious I suppose

  2. Download a app that lets you trim the videos to you liking. One such app is YeetDL. You can pay a single fee and download a video and trim it.

Hope that helps.


Great suggestions, but both those options create more work for the user than just downloading the whole 30 minutes onto LingQ and then just skipping ahead to the parts you want.

My whole point was that I think this creates more “wasted” content on LingQ servers and that an added functionality would make LingQ leaner and the user experience better.

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