Should we have a forum on language learning in general?

This open forum seems to catch all kinds of posts, about LingQ, about language learning and whatever. I wonder if we should not have a separate forum, a multilanguage forum, (after all we have google translate if we are stuck) just about language learning.

I think it can’t hurt. Do you mean have this forum for LingQ-related posts and the other for all other posts?



Yutaka, I have no trouble understanding your Japanese, nor your excellent English for that matter. I put it to Google translate and got the translation below. I think that those of use who speak Japanese, or Russian or French etc. can always help refine the gist of what a person has to say, if the google translate is not so clear.

I want to encourage people to contribute, in their language or in English or in any other language, at least on this new thread about language learning, if Mark lets me!!
Here is Google translate’s version of what you said. This would be an option for those who cannot read Japanese and the rest of us can help make it clearer as required.

Consider the following recommendations for Steve.

Many Japanese, so that some English-educated, I can understand the arguments made in English if you desire. I, personally, LingQ about than read the discussion in Japanese, prefer to read the discussion in English. , Because that leads to learning English to do so.
Of course, when such a controversy, rather than English, I would like to use the Japanese may have to express yourself freely. Issues such cases, when you post the Japanese text, it means that you’ll understand exactly how many people are content. For example, what if this sentence.


I must say I am ambivalent about this idea. Now that I’ve chosen to use LingQ as my language learning platform, I am not as interested in discussions on learning learning as before.

If you have spent any time in the How To Learn Any Language Forums, you’ll soon discover that everyone seems to have their own theories about language learning. I think I once read a monolingual member three months into his second language expounding on his own theories already!

“After all is said and done, more is said than done.”

That’s what I feel about language discussions in general. As for myself, I prefer to stick to discussions related to how to make better use of LingQ.

I agree Yutaka and if others are interested I will try to get this multilingual Forum on language learning going. People will be free to comment in the language of their choice.

It is great to read your comments in Japanese and to be able to reply without having to switch my keyboard just to be able to answer in Japanese.

I hope it will encourage more Japanese members and other members who may have been lurkers at our Forum.

There is always the option of not taking part in those conversation, if they bother you :slight_smile:


I hope we do not go the way of Anti-Moon and HTLAL. These have become sterile debating societies and show off stages, in my view. I do not think we will go there since we are also a real learning community.

I register your concerns and look forward to hearing from others. I am suggesting a forum in addition to this one. I know Mark will be reluctant to add yet another forum, so I am eager to hear from others. Thanks for your comments.

So long as the people here can be friendly, I’d like to see it go forth.

As a monolingual (I know, shame to me) I won’t be giving my theories but just reading and asking questions.

I agree with Cantotango, the forum on how to learn any language has gotten worse over the years, but funny enough it has gotten a bit better, where people just start drilling there own language learning ideas/theories and say that that way is the only way. I myself am a member of the site and about every week there is a discussion that usually erupts into a debate that usually ends with a moderator having to lock or shut down that topic, if it doesn’t run out of steam before then. There have been topics that have started out to be great resources for beginners on how to go about learning a language, input from multiple members giving there ideas, and in the end it just gets messy.

I would hate for LingQ to start off on the right foot for a forum to only end this way. I have begun to spend more time on the LingQ forum than the how to learn any language forum because here it is friendlier, in my opinion. This could also be because the site(HTLAL) has a HUGE “population”.

Sorry if my rant was a bit long.

We could just continue the way we are with this Forum as a general grab bag, but encourage people to write in whatever language they want.

I know we have forums for other languages but this is sort of centre court.

I really think that google translate makes it easier than ever to run a multilingual forum.

Just a thought regarding how to deal with the increased forum traffic of late. Maybe it could be changed so that on the side bar it doesn’t show the same thread more than once, thus allowing more threads to be shown on the side bar. I’m not sure if this would require much programming time though.

As Steve fears, I am not in favour of adding another forum. :slight_smile: We have more than enough forums already. I would prefer to remove some, in fact. I don’t see why people can’t post in their own language on this forum or any of the other forums for which no language is specified. Nowhere does it say English only except on the Open English Forum.

We are looking at ways to refine the forums list in the sidebar. Peter that is a good suggestion.

I agree with Peter (and I am pretty sure that Vera has already asked for this too). Please, change the “Recent posts” bar to the “Last updated threads” bar :slight_smile:

"We have more than enough forums already. I would prefer to remove some, in fact. I don’t see why people can’t post in their own language on this forum or any of the other forums for which no language is specified. Nowhere does it say English only except on the Open English Forum. "

I agree.

I don’t think I’ve ever used the actual forum to find or comment. I usually just use the side bar anyway. It is true that sidebar could be streamlined a little bit, as far as a new forum, I probably wouldn’t even notice…

There was such an interesting thread a few days ago about how to reach more people and get them to use LingQ, Helen posted some of her funny slogans in it. I just can’t find it. Can someone help?
I am totally in favour of a separate forum on language learning.
Maybe there could be a list of all threads of the past month somewhere, it could help finding some very good discussions again after some time, all people just don’t have the time to read everything that’s interesting immediately.

It was here:
I realised as I was doing it that I was clogging up the sidebar with repeated posts on the same thread.

Some forums show you a list of all threads updated in the last 24 or 48 hours. Would that take a lot of programming time?

A rough translation by a human being

Many of us Japanese have studied English for certain years at school, so if we want to understand the discussions on this forum it is not extremely difficult. For my part, I prefer reading them in English than in Japanese because doing so in English is beneficial for my learning the language. Nonetheless I might want to use my native tongue, Japanese, in order to express myself more freely, when I happen to participate in a debate. The problem might be how many people can understand what I say in Japanese. (What do you think of this Japanese sentences?)