Should I change my level (Intermediate to Advance)?

This is my question,I read articles level intermediate and I always make 10 to 15 lings and I understand more than 90% of the lecture however if I read an article level advance, I make 60 80 lings and I understand 75% of the lecture, nevertheless I think that understand 75% of the lecture it is too much, but study the flash cards is so boring. What do you think guy ? intermediate or advance ?

i think you should increase your level, if you fond it too difficult for you can go back to intermediate level, I think your reading should be a bit more difficult than you are comfortable with, and your listening too, but when you are at the advanced level and if you find yourself lost you should probably stay with the intermediate level for a bit longer.

Use the lessons with different levels. Sometimes you may use even beginner lessons. Don’t limit yourself.

Thanks for you answer I find a little bit difficult advance however I don’t feel lost, like you, I think that I should change my level to advance, I think that my problem is that I’m a little bit lazy by study my study cards because you know to study 80 new words is so boring and you know may be the these words, I will memorize 10 in 2 day.

Ress your idea is good I will think it