Shortcuts - bug?

I was going over the list of shortcuts to navigate highlighted words, and noticed that the left and right arrows were supposed to move toward the previous and next highlighted words, respectively. At the same time, there is a different set of keys to mark words as known, change status, etc. This scheme where movement and work marking use different sets or keys makes perfect sense: easy to remember and use.

However, the description doesn’t match the actual behavior: when the right arrow is used, not only it will move to the next highlighted word, but it will also mark the current blue word as unknown, i.e., yellow (level 1). This behaviro is disruptive, since the only other option to move away from a blue word becomes to use the b key, which makes the workflow truly confusing: when trying to move to the right the use now has to think about the status of the current word before deciding to use the right arrow or the b key.

So, assuming the yellow marking associated with the right arrow is a bug, could it be fixed so that there is a true separation between motion keys and word status keys? I believe this would lead to far better usability.


Hi Ricardo,
That’s not a bug actually. After you open a lesson, click on the settings button on the top right, and there you will find Reader Settings tab where you can disable “Auto LingQ Creation” option. That will solve your problem.
Hope this helps and sorry about the late reply!

Zoran, thanks a lot, that does solve it