Shortcut to change focus from word to outer phrase

How can I use keyboard shortcuts to switch from focus on ‘crispe’ to focus on the outer bubble ‘mon coeur se crispe’?

I use the keyboard shortcuts quite a bit and I find I only reach out for the mouse when I want to mark a phrase like above.

Hmm, I think I know what you mean. So if we tap on crispe it should alternate between the lingq info for crispe or to the highlighted grey text and suggest creating a phrase from it. So you don’t want to have to tap the touch pad or a mouse? As far as I am aware you can’t do that yet.

But maybe there is a way that you can customise a key on your keyboard (a key you don"t often use) to replicate a mouse click… it would be cool to be able to lingQ ‘mouse-free’!