Short-term goal setting?

I had an idea today. I’m not sure if I’m awake enough now to explain it properly, but I’ll try…

LingQ gives us monthly targets to reach, but they are not specific in terms of what activities we ought to be doing in order to reach them. On our profile page we could state our long-term language goals, and many of us do.

What I would like is to have a place where I am encouraged to spell out my goals for this month, for each language, in terms of how many words I want to learn, how many hours of talking I want to do, and maybe also the kind of activities I intend to do to reach these goals. E.g. I might want to increase my Known Words in French by 2 000 this month by importing and reading articles from, whilst concentrating on Russian in my conversations.

I think it would help me to keep my immediate goals clear, and it might also help my tutor to see what I am trying to achieve. If I could have the option to share those goals with my Friends then maybe they could give me their comments on them.

Possibly this could be an option made available to Plus and Premium members?

Any thoughts

An interesting idea Helen. I’m not sure it’s anything that will happen soon but a way to customize your study goals could be interesting…

The thing is, if you are only studying one language at a time, the general goal of “I want to do loads of French this month!” is probably quite good enough for you. If you are studying several and time is short you have to be more specific about what you want to achieve right now. Otherwise you will have the default goal of “I want to do loads of French, and Russian, and German this month” which is just setting yourself up for frustration and disappointment. It’s much more realistic to say, “OK, this month I aim to speak French, read Russian, listen to German, and if I can manage a realistic amount of each given the time I will have, then I will be satisfied”. If you choose to share this data your Russian tutor will understand why you aren’t doing much speaking or writing this month. They can ask you what you are reading instead.