Short-notice booking isn't working properly

I’ve just booked a lesson with Helen for what I thought was today in about 5 hours’ time. The confirmation shows tomorrow’s date. I’m making arrangements with Helen to have the chat at a mutually convenient time, but thought you ought to know about the glitch in the system.

We do know about this but thanks. We hope to have it fixed in the next few days. You can’t sign up for a time less than 12 hours ahead so if you see a time like this, it is actually for tomorrow.

This issue has now been resolved. Keep in mind that you will now no longer see times less than 12 hours ahead. This is so that tutors have enough notice of upcoming conversations.

Ahmed seems to still be having a problem seeing one-on-ones with me a day in advance. I will ask him for more details of the problem when he manages to book one!