"Shopping with Violence"

This is one of the latest expressions that has entered the British English language since the riots last weekend.

Another one I like slighty better, but which is really only a pun and not an expression in everyday use (and has nothing to do with the riots!), is “Intaxication”, the feeling of euphoria at getting a tax refund, which lasts until you realise it was your money to start with.

Apropos the riots, what really p****es me off, is that section of the British Left who are trying to claim this all had something to do with forthcoming cuts to the British educational budget!

If that were true, why were these mindless thugs not taking books and school equipment?

Why did they choose rather to target shops selling TVs, alcoholic drinks, and vulgar designer bling?

And why did they feel the need to set fire to buildings and cars for good measure?

(Under less grave circumstances, the notion that these violent criminals were busy stealing and burning in anticipation of the next term at school would be completely and utterly hilarious!)

According to standard rules of engagement, the police can use lethal force against anyone who puts human life at risk - e.g. suspects with a gun, a knife, or a bomb. But by starting fires in built-up urban areas, and then preventing fire crews getting to the scene, these rioters were clearly a much greater risk to human life than - let’s say - a bankrobber waving around a cheap .38 revolver.

In my opinion the police could and should have opened fire with live ammunition on anyone who was seen starting a fire or obstructing fire crews from reaching an existing blaze.

I must say I hadn’t heard the bit about the Left claiming looming educational cuts were the touch paper! That is a good one. From my understanding, this started as a legitimate - reasonably peaceful - protest against some police action, but then quickly escalated into an orgy of looting and violence. It left everyone shocked, left, right and centre!

While I love it when you are trying to be provocative, I shan’t take the bait!

There is no “bait”, Sanne.

I have no particular reason to believe that YOU would also agree with the fool-comments made by some Labour people (like Livingstone and Harman) over recent days.


Just wondering, but have you read direct quotes from the “Looney left” or have you just seen them quoted at second hand in more right-wing newspapers?

I have a teenage son and I have expressed my dismay to him about his behaviour during these troubled times. He’s been lounging around reading and playing the piano when he could have gone out and scored us a new TV. Tcha!

Sorry, Helen, bad parenting in my opinion.

I have heard that some parents are sending their five year olds out looting, on the grounds that if they are caught they cannot be held criminally responsible. Now I KNOW that if I sent my five year old out looting, even if I pointed him straight at Comet he would come back with a lolly and a toy car.


I have personally seen and heard both “Red Ken” Livingstone and “Mad Hatty” Harman trying to make these fatuous links between rioting and cuts - the former did so on BBC News 24, the latter on BBC 2 ‘Newsnight’ (and again on Radio 4 ‘Any Questions’.)

If you search around on the internet you can probably find the clips.

Seriously, I am SO glad that these malignant fools are no longer in power. I just hope we don’t see them back in government again for 20 years - maybe the country will then have a chance to recover a little bit, as it did after 1979…