Shiny new thing.. LingQ is free for a week... My goal from now on: make it in Greek from scratch to A1 in a week

I know that it is impossible, but I like challenges. I have calculated how much devotion I need to reach the next level in a week. Everything seems okay, except listening, but I can continue to do it later. I do not plan to learn it beyond A1 level… at least not before summer. At least, this method (my first online method of learning languages) and a new language for a week will make a positive little change in my life.
I don’t have much errands or activities in the next period, so it will not be that hard.

Interesting challenge! Do keep us posted on your progress.

Thank you!
However, I’ve just realized that I’ll have only 2 free days, so it will not work as I planned. I will perhaps study a bit more, and I will surely revisit LingQs of the day, but that’s it for now. Now is just not the time for serious learning. It will be in about 6 months.
@ftornay, thanks for the rose and congratulations on your devotion on here!