Sharing to LingQ on Mobile


I haven’t found the option, so I would like to suggest a feature request for mobile (I’m using Android). I read a lot of articles on mobile and it would be awesome if you can share the article to the LingQ app (through the sharing symbol like you can share articles to e.g. WhatsApp) and then LingQ would open and you can create a course with shared content. This way I don’t have to copy&paste.

What do you think?

We are going to release new Android app version soon. It will be huge improvement in both performance and design. After we release it, soon after that you can expect another update which will allow you to import text from web, but I can’t say more than that for now. :slight_smile:


Sounds awesome! Thank you.

Hi Zoran. Is this upgrade still in the works?

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Yeah, you could still sign up for beta which really is much better than current version.

Yes, we hope to release a new version very soon. But if you are interested you can join the Beta right away. Just post a private message on my wall and let me know which gmail you are using for Google Play on your device and I will provide you further instructions.