Sharing private course

I created a private course and want to share it with my girlfriend, so the idea was when I find something interesting, I’ll add it to this course and it appears for both of us.

But the problem is when I gave her a link to the course, she only sees statistics of new words, but not any lessons. It is a bit strange for me - if I share a course, I suppose I want to share all lessons in it.

If I share the lesson link directly, only then it appear in the course. So now I need to share every single lesson? What if I have 100 lessons?
I tried to change lessons in the course to “Shared”, but it requires audio. Why I need audio, if I share article? Why I can’t share it without audio? It takes a lot of time and effort to add it. And if I change it to “External” - it said, “Can be changed by librarians only.”

So, is there a simple way to share the entire course at once, not every single lesson one by one?

Lessons without audio can’t be shared in the Library, that’s how it always worked. You can only share lessons that have text, audio and tags.
On the edit course page, you can take an action for all lessons in the course and share them all at once. But again, that won’t work for lessons without audio.