Sharing Malfunction

LingQ Team:

I’m having trouble sharing a lesson. Please help.


@Yvette - Could you provide a little more detail about what you are trying to do? Which page are you on? Who would you like to share it with - Facebook friends, LingQ friends…?

Hi, Mark, I’m trying to share a private imported lesson with Zuzana here at LingQ. When trying to share the lesson, I get an error message. Also, the sharing message gets delivered to Zuzana’s wall, but not the actual link to the lesson: Login - LingQ

Thanks for the additional explanation. This actually is working properly, as Zuzana will have received an email alert along with the URL to the privately imported lesson that you shared with her. It isn’t clickable from the post on her wall, since you may just want to share it with one person and this then prevents others from going to her profile page and clicking the URL to the lesson.

Thanks for looking into this, Alex.