Sharing lessons and points

How can I get points by sharing lessons? I have imported a few lessons but I don’t know what I am supposed to do in order to get points.

I have been writing and sharing my lessons and podcasts already two years.
THe first 1,5 years I received nothing because you receive points not for sharing your lessons, but for usind them by other learners.
And they must be not several people, but a great number: hundreds and thousands.
Only in this case you can have a sufficient quantity of points.
Be patient!

You can promote your lessons here on the forums, don’t spam but I’m sure no one would be bothered if you made a post talking briefly about what your courses are about and a short summary. That could help get more people to take your course.

@josemaria: Have you shared your lessons? When I click on the link on your profile I got a message that nothing was found.

Ooops! You’re right. How can I share my lessons?