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I have to thank Vera for mentioning her latest lesson on the LingQCentral-de blog, Ein Treffen mit Steve, which described our get together in Eichstaett at the end of last month. I received the notice by email, and I immediately clicked through and studied the lesson. and with quick LingQing it goes very quickly. Just great¡

It struck me that this is a great way to get started studying lessons in our library. If I got a few emails every day, with lessons from people at my level, studying the same language as me, it would induce me to do more.

I am not sure whether this sharing is best done through twitter, or via email. We now have the ability to share lessons, and I guess we have to try these things out and see what works best.

It is a feature of posterous that you get an email if you subscribe to a blog.

I suggest to recommend newcomers on LingQ to subscribe to the blogs in their native language and the language they are studying.

I personally like this feature of posterous very much. For example I’m a subscriber of Hans-Peter’s (hape) blog where he write about learning French (written in German). I’m a subscriber of the German and English LingQ blog as well.

Everyone can submit writings for the LingQ blogs but I’m sure a lot of members didn’t know this! I was asked by Mark to write sometimes on the German blog. I do my best to use this option :wink:

P.S. I hope you liked the lesson

I really liked the lesson and was going to leave a note, but my spelling in German, not to mention my grammar is so poor I was kind of reluctant to leave a note since I did not have time to really get it right.

Maybe we should have a submit to tutor button and edit button there, so that people can leave messages and then update them after correction.

Anyway I also liked getting notice of a lesson which I would possibly otherwise not have studied. I got right into the lesson, quicklingQed the new words and read it and listened to it. A little German to spice up my Portuguese and Spanish.

I have a suggestion but I don’t know if it is technical possible. If people could submit to posterous on the profile page (where they can set up if they want to receive emails) would make the blogs more popular. Or more simply if “LingQSupport-en”, “LingQSupport-de” etc. would be added as a friend so that the blog is shown on a friends blog list.

@ Vera - I don’t see how we would enable posting to Posterous from the profile page. All contributors have to be set up first. Regarding the addition of the various blogs as friends, the way our blogging system works is that blogs are attached to profiles which can be added as friends. Each blog would have to be attached to a different profile which would be automatically added as a friend I guess. I’m not sure this is practical, however, I understand that you would like the blogs to be more active and to have more traffic. We are working on improving our blogs right now so will take your suggestions into our thought process. We will see what we can do and get back to you.

Hm, I see that I used the false word :wink: It seems that I was confused when I wrote this. What I wanted to write is that people should SUBSCRIBE to the LingQ blogs. I you could activate the subscribing to your posterous blogs that would help. I subscribed to your blog. Now I get an email every time when there are new posts on the blog. That is much more comfortable than to have a look every now and then on the blog.