Sharing a lesson is no longer shown on Twitter

I shared some lessons. There is a message on Facebook about this but not on Twitter. It doesn’t matter if I change the interface language to English or if it is German.

Thanks, Vera. We’ll get that fixed.

@ Vera - This issue should be fixed now. Please let me know if you have any more problems. Thanks again for letting us know!

Hi Mark, thank you. It works. But I admit that the text on twitter is not inspiring (I know about the 140 words limit). Maybe you should add the first characters of the lesson name. I would love to have the option to post some of the messages on facebook but not on twitter.

I’m glad you are saying that yourself, Vera. I find receiving those notifications boring, especially if there are a few in a row at the same time as other members are posting their LingQ activities or Postcrossing ones.

The name of the lesson would be a good thing to have!

We’ll see what we can do to improve the Twitter messages. We are looking at ways to improve this functionality.

In the meanwhile I decided not to show my activities on twitter. It is too boring.

Thank you! We now have to work on Michele …

Ich habe mir sogar die Mühe gemacht und alle diese “Tweets” gelöscht um ein wenig aufzuräumen …
Die Präsentation bei Facebook gefällt mir dagegen sehr gut.
@Sanne: Hast Du auch einen Facebook-Account?

No, that is one step too far for me (at least for now).