Several bugs making web app not usable

Here are few bugs that still persist on the web app and few new ones

  1. I still cannot go to the next page (Sometimes it works if I reload the page or go to the sentence mode).
  2. Blue or yellow words are not visible (I have to reload the page and sometimes it works)
  3. Keys K and X do not work sometimes (I have to reload page and it works sometimes) - this is a new bug
  4. When I use K key it does not go the the next yellow/blue word automatically (I have to manually click on it with the mouse)

The app is still not usable two weeks after the buggy update and it is even progressively less usable now to the point of not being usable at all.


I’ve separately posted my experience as a brand new user, which is that I cannot use the lessons at all. I’ve tried three popular web browsers, and some other steps, but the interface is all dark with a blue “help” box obscuring the second third and fourth lines, and no keys or controls on the page seem to work in lesson mode.

So I think my experience is related to this as well.

(I’ve typed this offline and am pasting it in, because there seems to be something badly broken with the javascript of this textbox that makes it randomly send the cursor to the start of the sentence sometimes when I hit space.)

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Sorry to hear you still have all these issues. I asked our team again to look into it and as soon as I hear back I will let you know where do we stand with it.

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