Server problems?

Is there a server problem? I didn’t get a mail for a conversation that I booked. And the “Known words” counter didn’t increase if the status changes from 3 to 4 (I was working with the LingQ of the day email).

And I cannot add audio to new content. I tried it with another mp3 file which I added some minutes before and now this mp3 file doesn’t work too. I receive “500 - Server error”.

I’m trying to import some new contents, however, I cannot add audio. And I cannot uploard the photo image, either. I tried it with IE7 and FireFox3.5.2.

I have not got an e-mail message for a conversation that I had signed up for. I imagine that some maintenance work is being carried out.

I think the email alerts are broken (no LingQs of the day, no thread notifications, etc.)

These problems should all be solved now. They were all related to space issues on the server. Let me know if you are still having problems.

i don’t understand why i must wait a long time to download a lesson…
Before that time i download very easy…so now i must wait and it’s make fretty and angry

@peter27: There are some speed issues. We are working to resolve them in the next few days.