Server Maintenance Today

The LingQ server was down for a few hours earlier in the day while we migrated the system to a new server. You should find that the site speed and performance has improved with this upgrade. In addition, we have included some bug fixes. Of course, with any major change there will be bugs that occur. We have found and fixed most (hopefully all!) of these issues in the last few hours but please do let us know if you come across any other issues.

You will probably find that you have been logged out and must log back in to LingQ. This is to be expected and once you log back in you will remain logged in as you were before.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hi, Mark
I was wondering if it couldn’t be a good idea to let we know in advance when this things will happen, so we can plan ourselves better.
Yesterday I was at the begining of my regular study time when you started to migrate the server. Since I was not aware of how much time it would take, I got stuck waiting for its return for over an hour, when I finally gave up. If I knew in advance the system would be down at that time, I could have planned another thing to do.
So my suggestion is that the next time you need to do some manteinance, send us an email about 24h before it, and give us an idea of the time and duration of the break.

Hi Ana,

Sorry about that. We should have sent out a notification and we will next time.