Server Error while cropping pictures

I got a server error while cropping pictures. Upload pictures without cropping works.

We’ll check into that Vera. Thanks.

For what it’s worth, I cropped pictures yesterday (or two days ago) and didn’t encounter any problems.

It depends on the picture, I think. With another picture it worked. And if I only take a part of the picture with this problem it worked too. But it didn’t work worked with the hole picture.

I’m sorry guys, but the cropper is essentially broken. In fact, it works sometimes but that, of course, is not enough :slight_smile: I’m working on it right now so it’s going to be fixed soon.

Still not fixed. I cant crop images for new lessons

Hmm, I tried adding an image to a lesson and didn’t seem to have any issues with this. Which browser are you using? Also, is this happening for every lesson and with multiple image files?

I was using I.E. 11. It happens with every lesson and all image files. I’ve just tried Firefox and I can crop the image but cannot change the shape of the crop box so if the image is smaller than the crop box I get a black edge. So Firefox sort of works, IE doesnt at all, for me.

Hmm, I tried this in IE 11 and it seemed to work properly. There is a minimum size requirement for the lesson image, so this might explain the black bar you are seeing.