Server error 404

Hi, I’m focusing on Chinese right now and 80% of the time I click on one of my lingqs, I get a server error 404. All of the Chinese words are properly spaced, and it worked flawlessly a week ago. Anybody else having this problem? Thanks.

I have the same problem in my Spanish. I think it is happening to me when I click LingQed phrases. The error said “Server Error: 404 - NOT FOUND.”

Yes, there is a problem. We will look into it today.

This problem should be fixed now. Can you please test it and let us know if you still have it.

I still get an error. I don’t get 404 any more, but it says “This LingQ does not exist. Did you delete it in another window?” When I reload the page and click on “List,” my lingQed phrases are still there. So I haven’t deleted them.

Likewise. I do not get the error 404 message anymore, but the “The LingQ does not exist…” message.

Thanks, we’ll check into that. It looks like we’re part way there. :frowning: