Sentence level translations missing for a reason?


The lessons with lingqed words are good, but I’m surprised there is no sentence level translation of the dialogue. Maybe there is, and I haven’t found it?

This applies to A Beginner Course of Spoken Russian, and RussianLingQ - Eating Out > Part 1; I haven’t looked at any others yet. Apologies if these are exceptions.

I can cut and paste the whole dialogue into google translate, but in my (limited) experience google translate often does not give a good English equivalent to a Russian sentence (it is often literal rather than idiomatic), and sometimes apparently gets things quite wrong.

As an example, (although it’s not taken from a Lingq lesson), if I ask google translate to show me a meaning for ‘она нравиться Мне’, it gives me ’ she likes me’, rather than ‘I like her’, as I thought it meant. (I could well be the one getting this particular one wrong of course…)

It seems odd to have to use something like google with LingQ. Is it not important for a learner to see phrases explained, or at least translated?

Please enlighten me!

Rich B

@moorea21 - Actually, for the LingQ beginner collections you will find a word for word translation in the Resources tab in the box on the right of the page when you open your lesson.

Once you are passed the LingQ beginner texts you will have to rely on the dictionaries that you have access to. LingQ itself does not translate anything. Sentence translation in google translate is a little unreliable and so you will have to use you own imagination too. And if some of the text remains unclear, that is just part of language learning.

Thank you for such quick replies!

I apologise, I did not think to look at the resources tab before posting my question. I’ll try to be more thorough in future!

I am still a little surprised that a sentence level translation is not offered for all lessons. Is this part of your general strategy for learning, Steve? i.e to make us work a bit harder to comprehend the text? I realise that language learning often means having to live with not understanding something, I think it’s valuable to walk away saying ‘I don’t know what that means’ sometimes. It breeds determination, in a round about way.

As I work through the lessons, and come to the later ones without translations, would it be helpful if I offer a sentence level translation as a lingq or a resource; or maybe post a speculative version in the forum to invite more knowledgeable members to edit and contribute?

Rich B

In my experience sentence level translation is a distraction once you are past the beginner stage.

But even assuming we wanted to provide this, how would you propose to generate these translations since content is being provided to our libraries by our learners all the time?

Okay, I’ll trust your judgement on that.

I didn’t know your content gets updated that often, I probably wouldn’t be able to provide more than a handful of translations.

Rich B