Sentence( correct or incorrect)

i have 2 sentence, and i so confused with this exercise, my teacher told me to justify this sentence,

  1. if crisis OCCURS, THOSE UNFAMILIAR with the procedures wouldn’t KNOW how TO HANDLE the situation
    what is wrong with the capital of letters? occurs or those unfamiliar or to handle? and what i supposed to replace the incorrect word???

  2. ALMOST ALL books have a few errors in them IN SPITE OF the care TAKEN to check ITS proof pages before the final printing.

Whats wrong with these sentence??
please explain to me
thanks before :wink:

The main thing I find wrong with these sentences is that they are incredibly boring, and I would ask your teacher to ‘justify’ this nonsense.
I noticed that you’ve been a member on here for over a year and a half, but you have less than 2000 known words of English; It might be a good idea to read some more lessons on here. Good luck!

Agreed, boring sentences.

However useful they might be for sentence strucure etc., I think it’s good to know what they mean, in order to get something out of the response…