Sending a lesson link

Can you only send a lesson link to someone who is active in a certain language? A friend of mine signed up today. German shows in her profile as the language she is studying, but she has opened no lessons yet.

I wanted to send her the link to Vera’s beginners’ collection, but my friend’s name doesn’t appear in the list to check so that I can send her the link. Yes, I have already friended her.

We’ll have to take a closer look into what the problem might be here. Thanks for the heads up!

Can you check again today to see if your friend shows up now? It may be that there is a delay in your friend being added.

Nope, she still doesn’t show up on the list for sending links. She does show up on my profile as a friend, however. I’m supposing it’s because she has no activity yet…

@Jingle - You are right, as it turns out. In order to appear in your friends list for a lesson you are sharing, your friend must have an activity score greater than 0 in that language or they must have at least 5 LingQs in that language. Can you get your friend to do one of these things?

Thanks, Mark. I suppose she’ll open something at some point! Anyway, I thought it would be a nice way to get her started - to show her a lesson I liked - but it’s not that important.